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A delectable collection of classic and modern cakes and desserts for the home cook. Rhubarb and raspberries, chocolate cake and profiteroles, mangoes and cherries, meringues and tarts, puddings and mousses, crepes and soufflé’s 100 best cakes and desserts gives you all the sweetest temptations! In this wonderful collection from Gabriel Gaté, he showcases his best cakes and desserts from a lifetime of cooking. There are cakes for afternoon tea, elegant ice creams and sorbets, and fruity desserts fit for any occasion. This book features classics such as tarte tatin, crème brulée, soufflés, and French crepes with chestnut cream and chocolate sauce, as well as firm family favorites like strawberry sponge cake, tiramisu, raspberry sorbet in a fruit coupe, and waffles. Also included are more sophisticated delights such as black forest roulade, hazelnut meringue cake with chocolate ganache, mandarin mousse with black currant coulis, and pears belle Helene, Gaté shows you how to create simple yet stunning cakes and desserts. Every recipe is easy to follow and there are chapters to guide you through the basics like pastries, creams, and sauces. 100 best cakes and desserts is the perfect sweet cookbook from a French master!
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