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With an introduction by internationally renowned French Pátissier Pierre Hermé and the collective experience of eight master chocolatiers from the prestigious École du Grand Chocolat Valrhona, this comprehensive volume is a key reference for working with chocolate in the home kitchen. It includes: 500 step-by-step photographs. 100 fundamental skills, techniques, and building-block recipes for cooking with chocolate (from tempering and ganaches to croissant dough, pastru creams to frozen desserts, and the secrets to achieving a perfect chocolate mousse) A twenty-page guide to the science and history of chocolate and to essential chocolate-making ingredients. More than 100 recipes, graded for complexity: all the great classics (éclairs, profiteroles, chocolate soufflé) and contemporary desserts (macaroons, verrines), as well as tarts, baked goods, confectionery, and special occasion and iced desserts Practical references: an illustrated guide to essential kitchen equipment, a glossary, and a comprehensive index of recipes and techniques Eight bonus recipes by the greatest French Pátissiers, including Gilles Marchal of the Maison du Chocolat, Cristophe Adam of Fauchon, and Jean-Paul Héven. A complementary ninety-minute DVD features live, concise demonstrations of fourteen essential techniques
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