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Long prized by collectors and specialist cultivators, orchids are commonly (and mistakenly, as it turns out) believed to be difficult to grow and maintain. In fact, many varieties are as easily grown as any other perennial. There are as many as 20,000 species with the family Orchidae, including plants that bear some of Earth´s most showy and flamboyant flowers. This superb book presents a selection of the most exceptional orchids anywhere, all of which can be cultivated at home. But unlike other books on this topic, Four Seasons of Orchids is divided by the season in which they flower. Compiled by renowned orchid photographer Greg Allikas and recognized orchid expert (and American Orchid Society judge) Ned Nash, the book is organized into four parts, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, making it easy for any horticulturalist to plan his or her orchid year with dazzling displays of color. Full of magnificent, unique photographs and accompanied by a wealth of advice for their cultivation, this book is as beautiful as it is useful.
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