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From textiles to tinworks, a lavishly illustrated celebration of the incredible variety of Mexican crafts. Crafts of México is a visual celebration of Mexican crafts, presenting page after page of full-color photographs alongside essays by leading art historians, interviews with and profiles of leading craftspeople, and appreciations by leading writers. The section on ceramics looks at the famous Talavera work from the colonial city of Puebla, and the fantastical creations of Tonalá and Metepec; detailed examinations of Mexican textiles, from Chiapas and Oaxaca, include histories of the weavings and a study of the symbolism in the patterns plus a special section on shawls. Basket weaving focuses on the well-known Seri baskets from Northern México; tinwork spans from folk figures to cathedral altars; lacquer work takes an in-depth look at Méxicos adoption of this traditionally Asian craft; and much, much more. Beautifully illustrated, Crafts of México is sure to become the authorative work.
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