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Tokyo at night is a thrilling place. The buildings are illuminated by neon, while the sidewalks and bars are packed with bustling crowds. And, just as in many other cities around the world, the streets are full of taxis. What makes Tokyo so unique, however, are the signs on top of its taxi cabs. Hundreds of taxi firms operate in the city, and each has its own distinctive illuminated sign. Stars, globes, lanterns, cherry blossoms and even frogs and waving cats all feature in an array of vibrant colors. Photographer Alexander James set himself the task of capturing the most eye-catching of these signs – no mean feat, because some of the firms have as few as four cars on the road. In spite of having to work long, unsociable hours, the drivers take great pride in offering the highest standards of service and in keeping their cabs spotlessly clean, allowing the bright lights to reflect off the gleaming surfaces. Sharing some of the anecdotes he has heard from taxi drivers during his late-night travels, James portrays a city that literally dazzles after dark.
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