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Jonathan Anderson and Edwin Low have worked as the photographic team of Anderson & Low since 1990. Based in London, the two met while sharing a darkroom and have since collaborated on a broad range of photographic projects encompassing portraiture, architecture, and nudes. Recently their work has focused on various aspects of sport and the lives of athletes. We are pleased to release simultaneously two books, available separately or as a boxed set. Release of the books coincides with a major exhibition of the Athletes photographs at the National Portrait Gallery in London, scheduled for February 2002. Athletes features photographs taken during the three years prior to the 2000 Olympics in Sydney. Athletes from many countries and various sports are included. Taken as a whole, these images meld into a single reflection of athletics and sport - a dynamic portrait replete with the beauty, toil, and determination of some of the world s finest young athletes as they strive to achieve their Olympic dream. Photographs of the National Danish Gymnastic Team are featured in Gymnasts. This series of nudes emphasizes the beauty and grace of these athletes as they assume classical poses, work through routines, or seemingly defy gravity in aerial.
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