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pBarcelona football club Futbol Club Barcelona (F.C.B) in Catalan (The Catalan language is one of the languages belonging to the Indo-European Romance language family. It is the language of Catalonia, which is located in the north-east of the Kingdom of Spain. Catalan is the official language of this region, in addition to Spanish.) It is often known simply as Barcelona (Catalan: Barcelona) or as its fans call it Barca (Catalan: Bara), is a Spanish professional sports club, from Barcelona, that plays in the Spanish League, and it is one of three clubs that have not been relegated to the second division, along with each of Athletic Bilbao and its traditional rivals Real Madrid./ppBarcelona Football Club was founded in November of 1899 by a group of players from four nationalities Swiss, English, German and Spanish led by the Spaniard of Swiss origin Joan Gamper. More than just a club). Barcelonas official anthem is No One Can Conquer Us written by Jaume Pecas and Josep Maria Espinas and composed by Manuel Valls. Unlike many other football clubs, Al-Ansar owns and operates Barcelona. It is one of the richest football clubs in terms of revenue, with its total revenue for the 2014-15 season amounting to 560.8 million euros. The club holds a long-running competition/p
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