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Seek out a marine graveyard in Brittany, a spectacular former coal mine inGermany s Ruhr basin, an abandoned hospital complex in Poland, ghostlyplaster figures installed at a dilapidated church in the Czech Republic, closed-down prisons and asylums, deserted factories... Since the resounding success of his two earlier volumes, published in 2009 and 2013, Sylvain Margaine still travels the world in search of these forbidden places, forgotten by everyone. An exceptional photographic report. SEEK OUT A MARINE GRAVEYARD IN BRITTANY, A SPECTACULAR FORMER COAL MINE INGERMANY S RUHR BASIN, AN ABANDONED HOSPITAL COMPLEX IN POLAND, GHOSTLYPLASTER FIGURES INSTALLED AT A DILAPIDATED CHURCH IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC, CLOSED DOWN PRISONS AND ASYLUMS, DESERTED FACTORIES... SINCE THE RESOUNDING SUCCESS OF HIS TWO EARLIER VOLUMES, PUBLISHED IN 2009 AND 2013, SYLVAIN MARGAINE STILL TRAVELS THE WORLD IN SEARCH OF THESE FORBIDDEN PLACES, FORGOTTEN BY EVERYONE. AN EXCEPTIONAL PHOTOGRAPHIC REPORT.97823619505902017-11-09 17:37:51.900Visit the inside of the legendary Battersea Power Station in London, a sublime abandoned villa in Tuscany, forgotten thermal baths in Spain, a deserted workers’ village from the Italian cotton industry, a dilapidated hospital in New York City, an amusement park shut down in Bali, Antwerp’s spectacular stock exchange, rusting helicopters in Belgium ... For 10 years Sylvain Margaine has been traveling the world in search of these forbidden, all but forgotten, places.
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