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Since the sculpture department was established in 1984, the Getty Museum's holdings have grown to encompass some 170 works ranging in date from the Renaissance through the nineteenth century, with particular strengths in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century bronzes and Neoclassical works in marble and terra-cotta. This volume focuses on Italian and Spanish sculpture in the Museum's collection, including such exceptional works as Antico's Bust of a Young Man, Benvenuto Cellini's Satyr, Gianlorenzo Bernini's Boy with a Dragon, Giuliano Finelli's Bust of a Noblewoman, and Antonio Canova's Apollo Crowning Himself: In addition to presenting copious research on the history and iconography of the sculptures, much of it based on new findings, this lavishly illustrated book includes detailed discussions of the manufacture, materials, and condition of each work.
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