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A lavish monograph celebrating one of the most respected and admired American architects, known for his sensitivity to the nature and traditions of the Pacific Northwest. Seattle-based architect Jim Olson blends straight, clean architectural lines and curving natural scenery with such ease that one forgets they weren t always in harmony. Over the course of a career spanning nearly fifty years, in collaboration with his partner Tom Kundig, Olson has established a reputation for thoughtfully considered buildings, evident in projects that suit and enhance their locations in Mexico, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific Northwest. This up-to-date survey of Olson s work, focusing chiefly on his buildings for art-collecting private clients and large-scale resorts, offers a stunning look?by way of plans, sketches, and photographs?at the career of a great American architect. The accompanying text includes an introduction by architecture critic Aaron Betsky as well as Olson s own reflections on the medium. 400 illustrations.
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