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The progressive state of contemporary two-dimensional graphic design. Graphic design as a formal discipline is in constant flux. In recent years, its productive relationship with adjoining disciplines such as illustration and graphicinspired three-dimensional installation art have further escalated the development of the discipline. This evolution has in turn raised the bar for cutting-edge two-dimensional graphic design. Regular examines and documents the current state of graphic design, identifying the most visionary young designers at the top of their game with examples of their progressive manifestations in the printed form. Wide-ranging in nature: from poster design, book and magazine editorial design as well as typography, the projects showcased in this book are characteristically underlined by a Neo- Conservatist and Deconstructivist approach. Many of the designers included in the book intentionally manipulate and distort traditional rules and ideas with a playful and experimental verve. Regular presents this new generation of creative excellence from Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands, synonymous to tradition with a minimalist tradition and precision of detail and from France, Great Britain and the USA. Through abundant visuals and illuminating texts accompanying each featured project, this expansive volume provides an in depth look at current trends in contemporary graphic design that are influencing visual culture.
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