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Wild Art is an incredibly brash and current collection of over 300 extraordinary artworks that are too offbeat, outrageous, kitschy, quirky, or funky for the formal art world. From pimped cars, graffiti, flash mobs, and burlesque acts, to extreme body art, ice sculpture, light shows, and carnivals, the works featured here are variously moving, funny, or shocking - and guaranteed to elicit a reaction. Authors David Carrier and Joachim Pissarro have studied alternative and underground art cultures for years. Here, they ve compiled the ultimate collection of creative works that celebrate the beauty and art in anything and everything, challenging the reader s perception of what is and what isn t art.
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Nombre: WILD ART
No. Ref. (SKU): 9780714865676
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Género: N/A
ISBN: 9780714865676
EAN: 9780714865676
Idioma: Español
Año: 2013
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Número de páginas: 464
Edición: 1

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